Sunday, August 15, 2010

On my brain..

Since I don't have one of those linky things in my right hand column I will just make this a post. Here is what is giving me lots to think about and not a little hope.


  1. I felt awful for this woman when I read it.

    Are you encountering these same problems? Email me so we can talk, (if you want).

  2. Oh Don't worry Patty! It's not the quitting part that has my brain going, just the "how to get around the bad day's" part. Those get me down every year...more than they should. Even though I have rarely ever thought sending my kids to school would be better for them, I have wondered when I am going to "figure this stuff out". But I like the approach that Charlotte Mason takes with habit training and getting outdoors, and I think this blog post did a good job of rounding up the CM points to focus on when you have that bad day.