Monday, October 4, 2010

Recycling and Sin

Since I haven't been very good at regular blogging I thought I would help myself by recycling some of my old writing. I enjoy reading that younger, still "just a catechist, not a mom" me. I hope you do too.

From 1999 to 2001 I was the Director of Religious Education at the Spiritus Sanctus Academies in Ann Arbor Michigan. At that time the schools had a weekly letter called the Monday Mailer that went home to each family. I wrote a short essay/article each week for that letter. Here is an excerpt of one of those articles.

“What is God doing when I am sinning?”

This may be one of the most important questions your child can ask. It touches on who God is, what is His role in my life, what does He see when He looks at me, and, ultimately, how should I see myself. Since we don’t have a God-cam, we have to construct an answer based on what we know to be true about God. We know, by God’s own revelation, that He is love, that He created each of us because of His love and that He intends for us to share in His life. We know that what He wants for each of us is our own happiness. And, He happens to know, as our creator, our happiness can only be achieved by union with Him and with His will.

In an effort to answer this question, I would like to take some literary license and put words in God’s mouth.  Imagine that you are the one sinning. As God sees you sinning, He calls you by name and says to you:

“By love I created you and my love for you compels me to want only the very best for you—eternal happiness. Yet, I know that this sin you are committing is a lie. It won’t make you happy as you think it will. It can only bring unhappiness. Because I love you so much, I have made you to be free. And in your freedom you have chosen to turn from me. But I will not leave you there. Here, I will shower grace down upon you so that you can stop doing that which hurts you more than any physical pain. Here is more grace that you can know that what you have done is wrong. And here, more grace so that you can be truly sorry for what you have done. I will give you even more grace so that the sorrow arises out of love in your heart for Me. And finally, I will surround you with the grace of My presence so that you will be able to resist that sin again. I love you with an everlasting love and continue my faithfulness to you.”

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  1. Carol~ I look forward to reading this to my kids. Thank you for sharing. You are such a gifted writer!