Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty over the Kitchen Sink

Auntie Leila over at Like Mother, Like Daughter is hosting a little party of kitchen sinks made pretty. Most of the ladies seem to have a window sill behind their sink. I was trying to figure out how to make mine pretty without the window, and then I realized that very often the area beyond the sink is adorned by the prettiest things in my three smiling children! I had them pose for me. I also have a Christmasy platter, covered in bananas, and my almost brand new red rooster paper towel holder. And then, of course there are the various soap containers, which I really should consolidate into one pretty dispenser (New Year's resolution? Christmas present for myself?) and the brushes. The little cup holding various kid's items is the last one left of a four cup set we bought in the UK. The kids used to drink hot chocolate from them on Sunday mornings after Mass. Now they use Starbucks espresso cups (yes, they really do put up with such small portions of hot cocoa!).

Thanks Auntie Leila for all your great advice and interesting discussions!


  1. I realize now that I didn't account for sinks that overlook rooms! But yours is neat and tidy, and I love your counters!
    And of course, your "decorations" are fabulous ;)
    Thanks for joining!

  2. Your decorations are the best ones yet! Children are the best looking things in our homes.

  3. I like your kid "fixtures" the best! I would also love to have a sink and counter like yours...oh! the space!