Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Exceptionalism

Danielle Bean has an article on the Washington Post website about American Exceptionalism. Here is my comment added to the discussion:

America's exceptionalism is not about Americans being exceptional people, and it is not really about the blessings of wealth and abundance (though they are in many ways a result of what makes us exceptional). 
We are exceptional in the history of the world because of our constitution--which results in unprecedented personal freedoms; a president who relinquishes his office after four or eight years, without exception; an economy that allows for people (not all, but those who work hard, persevere and use their abilities well) to enter it at the bottom and rise to the top; a country who sends it's military to other countries and when it leaves ask only for the land necessary to bury its dead. 
When we speak of American Exceptionalism we are not bragging, or denigrating others....we are saying that this country, as it was founded, is a place where any person from any country can come and be free and succeed. 
Insofar as our constitution continues to be followed, we will continue to be exceptional. 

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  1. I love how you write! You put into words what is in my head and heart. Excellent comment.