Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hungry Birds

Two weeks ago we set up this bird feeder, and for a week NOT ONE BIRD came to visit. Then, I bought some new birdseed because the "bird expert" at the shop was so sure it was the cheap seed I bought at Target. And for another four days, NOT ONE BIRD came to the feeder. 
Then I moved it. 
And for the last week we have had a growing flock of birds of all kinds coming to the feeder. 

Don't let the picture fool you, he is just doing some final clean up after the 
First Annual Neighborhood Bird 24 hour SEED-FEST. 
If you look closely, you will see the evidence.... the feeder is empty. 
I filled it TO THE TOP (both sections fill up with seed) yesterday morning. 


We have had flocks of angry red-winged black birds, groups of finches, a pair of mild mannered mourning doves, and various other little black, white, and grey birds. I think I have seen a few robins too. Among the lot of them they ate every seed in the feeder and then cleaned up the mess they made on the ground. (Nice of them, huh?)

My google search this afternoon: "too many birds at the bird feeder". 

This led me to a site that has assured me that if I use certain types of seeds I can discourage the angry red-winged blackbirds and encourage the sweet little goldfinches and mild mannered mourning doves. 

We shall see. 

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  1. I just love bird feeders. My mom has like wild kingdom in her backyard. She use to do battle with the squirrels eating all the seed, now, they are friends. :)