Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Thoughts Designed Chiefly to Make My Blog Look Fresh

So, football....nevermind.

Have you ever seen that episode of Star Trek where Data tries to do small talk? I am not a Star Trek fan, per se, but it is hilarious!! And an illustration of something I am not good at. And I don't mean to indirectly complement in "I can only speak of consequential things", it is a major weakness in my socialization repertoire. 

And, for the record, I was NOT home schooled. 

Is there a way to put some sort of prettier line between my random thoughts? This one is just boring.

I think I finally get Pinterest. Sort of. Someone said something in the comments on some blog (how is that for random) about Pinterest being like her favorite women's magazines, only it is free, and probably void of sensationalistic articles on losing 10 pounds in 10 minutes. 

So, I have been perusing the pretty pictures on Pinterest and now I think I get it. My only problem is that I usually read magazines idea why, I just have always worked from back to front...and I can't do that on Pinterest. At least I don't think I can. 

So, politics. Umm......topic for another day, perhaps. 

I was discussing museums with some homeschool moms recently and some were mentioning that evolution is stressed at a lot of the natural history museums and they are wary of exposing their kids to it. I understand that. When theories are presented as scientific fact and then later used to cut away at your faith it sure is something to be concerned about. But, I think I can mitigate this with my kids and talk to them about what scientist do, the mistakes they make. 

You know what bugs me more? The environmentalist slant to most educational experiences! 

We were on a little nature walk recently and I was happy to see signs posted along the path that I hoped would explain the wildlife...maybe name some trees or flowers for me. But they were more like this: 

At one time this was a beautiful, meandering stream, with flowers blooming, bees buzzing, birds singing, butterflies fluttering, bunnies hopping...AND THEN CAME THE BIG BAD PEOPLE WHO BUILT HOUSES, ROADS, BUILDINGS AND DROVE BIG OLE MEAN CARS AND POLLUTED EVERYTHING TOTALLY RUINING IT!

move on to the next sign...

In this environment you can see red foxes, salamanders, birds of prey, monarch butterflies, or, at least you could....BEFORE THE MEAN PEOPLE CAME ALONG AND THREW ALL THEIR TRASH IN THE STREAM AND RUINED IT ALL!!!

So, what have we learned kids: nature = good; people (who somehow have been deemed something other than "nature") = BAD!!!

There. I blogged. 


  1. Ha ha ha ha! I love your blog talk today (and always!) I agree with Pinterest. I suppose if i spend more time on it I'd eventually figure it out. I've only been on it twice? I think? Took the kids to some of the Missions in San Antonio. Went to the "welcome" movie to start the tour off. YOu would have thought Catholics were the devil! Ugh!

  2. Ohh...that is worse than environmentalist propaganda!