Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Which A Brit is Like Scott Hahn

I remember discovering for myself the truth of the saying that converts often express the Catholic faith better and more compellingly (is that even a word?) than cradle Catholics. It was the first time I heard Scott Hahn speak. My father gave me a cassette tape (it was so long ago I don't even think you could get a cd!) of Dr. Hahn's conversion to the Catholic Faith and I listened on my WalkMan (yah, there goes that age thing again). It lighted a fire in heart to know my Faith on a completely different level.

Today, though, I realized that the same can be true of foreigners speaking of the United States. Of course the more direct comparison would be with immigrants speaking of the U.S. But Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, is not an immigrant. He is proud and patriotic British citizen. Now, listen to him talk about the U.S.:


  1. Carol,this is AMAZING. I'm hoping more people will watch this. It truly takes a foreigner to show us what we need to do.

  2. I am SOOOO!!!!! optimistic about our culture! I met Rick Santorum Thursday. He represents our hope, and no matter what happens, his momentum is a great sign of hope for our society, it's bringing back conversation long given up. (I had to use "hope" twice, it can never be redundant...)Thanks for your awesome blog, from one homeschooler of 3 GI kids (and often many of their friends) to another. Keep the prayer wars going with me, a sister in the Catholic Cavalry!