Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Thankful Five... I posted it on Facebook:
1. Plans to go to the Home and Garden Show today (even though we have no money to do anything to our home or our garden...we just love walking around and dreaming--and the kids love the freebies).
2. two kids making their own breakfasts (and helping their little sister with hers)
3. Husband who reads the big, long, book I gave him about teaching kids self discipline and gets right on board with it!
4.Three cute kids having a tea party (even the brother!---who just said that Arthur Guiness was invited---yes, that is the beer guy.)
5. A friday shopping trip alone with a great seven year old boy, in which he actively shops for his sister's birthday presents.

1 comment:

  1. FB. I need to find you on FB! What a great Thankful Five! Especially the tea party :) Tis the season for home shows. David had 14 tickets to give away and we only had someone use two of them. The weather is rainy and cold...a perfect day to get to a home show!