Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Name Day, Come for Dessert

I have this old book. I have had it since I was single and dreaming of having a family and all the great liturgical year things that I would do. 

Here is what my imagination looked like: 

Actually, that is a picture from the book---got an idea when it was written? 

The book is full of lots of neat ideas for celebration, and choosing, name days. Choosing can be difficult for some (like those with Marian names) because of the abundance of feasts. For others (like people named Carol) it is more difficult. 

But I learned that there is a feast called Our Lady of the Carol. Of course no one seems to know where it came from or what it refers to (a vision of our Lady....on Christmas? Or is it just a title of the Blessed Mother that became popular in Paris?)

But today is D's name day. St. Declan was a predecessor to St. Patrick. He was a bishop in Ardmore, Waterford, Ireland. We were able to visit there back in 2008. There is a well that was said to have had healing powers, and a "camino" that leads from St. Declan's Monastery and Cathedral (now only a ruin, but where St. Declan is thought to have been buried) in Ardmore to The Rock of Cashel. It is called St. Declan's Way or "The Irish Camino". On our trip to Ireland we drove from Cashel down to Ardmore and stayed on the coast for a few days, exploring and getting to know D's patron. 

Today we got up early (really early) to make it to Mass which was followed by donuts. This evening there will be a special dessert and hopefully, if I can get it together, a special prayer to be said. 

St. Declan of Ardmore, Pray for us

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  1. St. Declan of Ardmore, pray for us! Happy feast day to your D :) And I think your childhood memory book is just lovely. Your children are so blessed to have the mother that they do!