Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Imagine you are living in the first century and you have heard rumor of this new religious sect. There are people who claim their rabbi not only rose from the dead but that He is the Son of God. 

If you could talk to these people, first hand, what would you ask them? How would you challenge their beliefs. What do you think their detractors would say? 

Interesting meditation, that. 

Well, Michael O'Brien has used his great knowledge of 1st century history, geography, and culture to do just that. His book Theophilos imagines what St. Luke's friend, the one to whom he writes, may have thought and done in response to Luke's new life. O'Briens imagining of Theophilos is truly timeless. He struggles with the same doubts and questions that any agnostic of any age might have when faced with Christianity. 

I am still barely half way through this long story, but I have really enjoyed it. And it has launched many rabbit trails to the dictionary or encyclopedia to find out what something means or when something happened. I highly recommend it!

This is not my first Michael O'Brien AND it isn't the only one I am currently reading. In my stack of books I also have A Landscape With Dragons by Michael O'Brien. Rather than his usual long novel, this is a treatise on children's (and youth and adult) literature, especially fantasy literature. He gives lots of examples of good, bad, and gray area fantasy. He makes a case for the importance of this genre while helping the parent approach with caution. There is even very wise advice for the prayer life of parents, and their spiritual approach to parental decisions and problems. 

Another two thumbs up!

Day 2, conquered! 

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